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Friday, July 6, 2012

Experiencing Hunger

Our efforts in Cabana continue to build on the efforts of those who have come before us. God has used all of the previous teams to help create a hunger from our friends in Cabana to know about The Bible so that they can have a relationship with God. They want to know the truth and they believe that they can find that truth in the Bible. We had our first group meeting on Tuesday. Eight of our friends attended. We used The Story evangelism outline with the hope that they will learn to see God's redeeming work at work in the Bible stories but also in their own lives. We discuss a Bible story by using 5 questions that will help teach them how to study on their own. On Tuesday night we had six in attendance but 4 of the people were new. On Wednesday night we had 14 attend with 5 of those being a Quechua family and their two neighbors who had heard about what was happening and wanted to see for themselves. Each night our discussions and methods improved. Please continue to pray for our friends Manuel, Edgar, David, Eufrasina, Deysi, Rosendo and Irene as they study God's Word. Pray for Anthony and Merly - that God will use our team to build relationships through these two young people with hopes of engaging the youth of Cabana. Continue to pray for our team. They have a little more than two weeks left in the village. They will need God's help to keep them strong spiritually and physically. They are an amazing group of people! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. God's glory is being revealed in Cabana.

Monday, July 2, 2012

God is at work!

God is at work!

It is impossible to post all about God´s activity from yesterday. It was a full day of experiencing His leading. We know this is true because the events of yesterday were not in our daily plan.

We walked to the plaza in hopes of seeing some of our friends. We had barely sat down when David walked into the plaza. We spent time with him at his guinea pig farm and then setup a time to meet with him that evening to study the Bible. Catherine, Abbie and Kelly (one of our interpreter team members) met during the afternoon with our friend Irene. During that time we were able to visit briefly with Edgar. The guys on the team met with David in his house to study. We did not bring a study Bible with us but asked him to return to the hostel with us to meet Edgar and Manuel. From that moment things got very exciting. The three of them met and discussed with us their desire to study together even when we are not in Cabana. Edgar is such a leader. He understands what we are hoping for even as he is seeking to understand the Gospel. He said that the three of them along with Deysi and Irene need to start meeting together while we are here and then continue studying together after we leave. We brought some study Bibles with us and they are all excited about the help that they will have to study. Edgar said the time for them to meet together is now because the harvest is ready to be reaped. Amazing...
Our team members are doing great spiritually and physically. It is exciting to watch each person step into the work. The team depth is wonderful.

This morning we are going to visit the high school. Our great hope is that the young people on our team can help us engage the youth community here in Cabana. We are praying for open doors into the school so that our team members can teach the Bible through teaching English. Imagine them using these days to teach The Story evangelism to the students. Good stuff!

Thanks for your prayers. Your partnership in this effort is greatly cherished.

Friday, June 29, 2012


The Peru team made it to Cabana about 30 minutes ago. They did a great job traveling. Please continue to pray for them as they adjust to the altitude.